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Upgrade Your Flow Management with Period Panties

July 17, 2019 • Nanjulula

Many of the modern disposable menstrual care products are aimed at managing women’s periods while women’s health is often secondary to this mission. Majority of modern menstrual care products are disposable products that have chemicals and are perfumed putting the health of girls and women at risk as well as facilitating undue discomfort. Additionally, these products may not be accessible to girls and women in impoverished or vulnerable situations. This may lead them to resort to unhygienic solutions putting them at risk of infection or even miss out on daily activities like school or work affecting their productivity and contribution to society.  

What are Period Panties?

Period panties are washable, reusable leak-proof underwear that have a universal pocket to accommodate either a reusable or disposable absorbent. Disposable absorbent may be items like cotton wool while clean microfiber towels and clean cotton items fall under the reusable absorbents products that you can use. 

Why Period Panties?

Period panties are perfect for women who are into sports. You can run, jump, do yoga, stretch and exercise comfortably without the worry of leakage, all the while being odor-free. Period panties are a more sustainable solution, both environmentally and economically than single-use disposable products in this area as they can last up to 2 years. This super-absorbent underwear typically has multiple layers of breathable stain-resistant nylon to help protect against leaks. Also, they don’t require a ton of extra care (Read direction for our specific pair).

How do I Use Period panties?The panties have a pocket to accommodate either the included, reusable microfiber towel or any other absorbent. 

  • Hold the Panty with the pocket side facing up and fill the pocket with a clean absorbent material. 
  • Adjust the filler until it is flat and fills the pocket.
  • Change the absorbent material every 4 hours.
  • Wash the panty daily with clean water and soap.

For a first time trial you can have them as back up on your days with a heavy flow to test their absorbency.

Next Steps

Every person and every period is unique, which is why it’s good to know your flow. If you are still skeptical about the period panty, try it out at home first, where you’re most comfortable, to test how they work for your flow. 

Ready to start your period panty party, click here to get yours today.

Author: Shaki Toni

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