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Tips That Make Caring For Your Natural Hair A Breeze

May 23, 2019 • Lucy Muiruri

Admit it, when we first go natural we all gravitate towards YouTube and Google to help us with this huge change. Maintaining natural hair is not easy. There are certain routines you have to follow to keep your hair healthy and well nourished. Natural Hair is naturally curly and mostly falls under the following curly hair types: 3a – Curly Twirly, 3b – Curly Spirally, 3c- Curly Coily and type 4 which is for Kinky Hair 4a – Coily Springy, 4b – Coily Crimpy, and 4c –Coily Ziggly.

Now that we know what your hair type is, let’s look into which products to use for your type. Good products can make your routine more manageable – but only if you help. You also need to put in the work and not practice bad habits so that your hair can flourish.  

Create Your Natural Hair Care Routine in 8 steps Using The Tips Below:

Pre-Poo: Use hair oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil or a conditioner (before shampoo), to give your hair time to soak up the extra added moisture before cleansing process.

Moisturizing Sulphate-Free Cleansers

Use Sulphate free Shampoos or Shampoo Bars once or twice a week based on your schedule to gently cleanse hair while maintaining levels of natural hair oils

Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

Deep condition your hair once a week for up to 20 minutes, preferably with heat under a hooded dryer.

Protein-Based Treatments and Conditioners

These are primarily used for rebuilding the hair strands, and work best when they are integrated into an already high-moisture hair care routine. The frequency of using protein-based conditioners and treatments will largely depend on the strength of the product you’re using.

Note: If your hair feels dry or you notice breakage, then you should hold off on using protein conditioning.

Leave-in conditioners

Usually help with hair detangling especially after shampooing and conditioning, and can actually be used as water-based moisturizers for daily use.

Water-Based Moisturizer

Usually used for daily supplementation of moisture, be sure to use water-based moisturizers that don’t contain petrolatum, mineral oil, or lanolin.

Natural Oils

Are commonly used to seal in the water-based moisturizer products and to help enhance the shine and pliability of hair. You simply need to first apply a small amount of the oil on the ends of the hair and then work your way up the hair strand. Click here to get the best oil for your hair.

Protective Styling protective style is any style that reduces hair combing or manipulation, keeps the hair up, off the shoulders, and cuts back on the use of heat. Spiral curls, buns, braids, and twist outs are good examples of popular protective styles. Marina Bella Natural Hair Salon is your go to salon in Rwanda for perfection in protective styling and hair braiding services.

How to Maintain That Healthy Kinky/Curly hair

Ensure at night you sleep with a satin or silk scarf around your hair or even invest in satin pillowcase. Do ensure you deep condition your hair at least once a week to ensure the hair is well nourished. Seal your ends with your favorite oil and lastly never forget to give your hair a trim every 3-4 months. You will be amazed by the results.

Breakage Can’t Stop?

And you know why? Because Moisture is key to combating splitting and breakage. Never comb your hair dry. Using the correct conditioner and moisturizing products with quality ingredients is important for healthier hair. Also it’s time to throw away the fine toothed comb and use wide ones.

Again don’t expose your hair to excessive heat and with that you will enjoy victory to retaining a longer length.

Do You Trust Your Hair

Girl, when your hair doesn’t like a product or a new technique, it will let you know. High time you listen and adapt accordingly. Natural hair does not like certain chemicals so whenever you buy hair products go for those that are 100% made from natural materials. Avoid anything with Gluten, PABA or DEA (para aminobenzoic acid and Ethanolamine), Parabens, Paraffin Petrolatum, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Silicone, Sulfates

Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication

Don’t pull your hair too tight in order to manipulate hairstyles. You can create styles frequently by rolling, pinning, tucking, braiding or twisting, based on your mood and desired look


Do you want to start the Journey to beautiful and great natural hair? Kasha’s got you on different product options for your natural hair without paying an arm and a leg for quality hair products.

Click here to get amazing hair growth results for that natural look you’ve always wanted.


Muiruri Lucy

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