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The Importance Of Being Sure About Your HIV Status

February 21, 2018 • Constance Uwase

This week we are introducing a new HIV Test,by doing this we are also going to discuss the importance of getting tested.

Getting tested means being in control of your health and also in case you are infected you can keep the infection at bay through self help activities like good nutrition and hygiene.

Take advantage of the new quick oral test.

What is an OraQuick HIV test:

OraQuick HIV Test is a medical device that is used for self testing of antibodies for HIV 1 and HIV 2 in oral fluid.

This test is intended as an aid to detect antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 from infected individuals.

OraQuick is a confidential HIV self Test,which can be used at home.

(Read the catalog well before use)


How to use an OraQuick HIV Test:

The Pouch contains:Test kit,test stand and instruction for use.


Step 1:Your test kit contains two pouches,tear open the pouch  containing the tube.

Step 2:Remove the cap

Step 3:Do not pour out the liquid,Do not drink

Step 4: Slide the tube into the stand.

Step 5:Tear Open pouch containing the test device and remove,Do not touch the flat pad with your fingers.

Do not eat or Swallow the preservative.

Step 6: Press the Pad Firmly against your gum and swab it along your upper gum once and your lower gum once.

Step 7: Put the Flat pad all the way into the tube until it touches the bottom.

Step 8: Leave It There for 20 Minutes before reading the results.Do not read the results after 40 minutes.


How to Read Results:

HIV POSITIVE: Two Lines,even if the line is faint,means you may be HIV POSITIVE,and you need to seek additional testing.

HIV NEGATIVE: One line next to the “C” and no line to the “T” your result is HIV NEGATIVE.

Why is it important to get Tested?

1.Discomfort and confidentiality has stopped a lot of people from getting tested,but getting tested can be enormously important to you as an individual because it puts your mind at ease about your HIV status.

2.Some people are worried about medical confidentiality and other are simply scared of needles,that is not a problem anymore because saliva test is highly accurate and easy to use,the OraQuick HIV can provide results within 20 mins.

  1.  Getting tested is important because you might have gotten exposed to HIV in the following way: Rape,Unprotected Sex,Shared needle,or accidental needle stick in a public place,a test is always the best option because you have control over the infection when you Immune is still strong.

4.For mother that are HIV positive there’s a very high possibility of giving birth to a baby that is not infected,if this is discovered way before time by the doctors.

5.Early discovery or treatment guarantees long term survival rate of 50 years and above if provides immediate proper medical help,not just survival but a normal healthy life,excluding smoking,drug injection and inclusive taking your medications properly.

6.Getting tested is important let’s say you just met someone that you want to share a life with or your partner,it is so important to get testing so you can protecting yourself and them as well. Whether your results are positive or negative getting tested protects from getting or spreading HIV.

7.Testing increases commitment to overall health habits of a person,if you test HIV negative you commit to keeping it that way and it also reduces the anxious of HIV.

8.Peace of mind is so important,you might have has unprotected sex from the last time you had your HIV test and you are just wondering!!! the best solution is always getting tested so you can know your status other than being in questions,Get that peace of mind.

9.Getting tested can be an encouragement whether you are HIV positive or negative,you can be that one friend that keeps your friends informed by encouraging them to get tested.

Irrespective of the challenges and emotions or otherwise,getting tested is way better than not knowing you status at all(the suspense),it puts control back into your hands,knowing your status means that you can take necessary precautions in keeping yourself healthy and it is strongly recommended.

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