Bu.Ke Purple Tea + Argan Oil Deep Repair Mask 300 gm

13,000 RWF

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  • Hair Masque
  • Deep repair
  • With Kenyan Purple Tea and Argan Oil


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Formulated with Kenyan Purple Tea as the star ingredient and a blend of other natural nutrients, this deep repair mask will deeply penetrate the hair follicles and reverse any damage resulting in healthy vibrant hair. Bu.Ke Purple Tea + Argan Oil Deep Repair Mask is infused with Kenyan Purple Tea + Argan oil to ensure hair shedding is cut down by up to 30% with every use! Nourish and restores Volume!!

PS: The treatment masque is ideal for detangling kids hair.

Application: Shampoo with the purple tea shampoo bar then rinse. Massage mask evenly into the hair and ensure hair is completely covered. Leave in for 15mins then rinse. Use weekly for the first 3 weeks as you track the amount of hair shedding then use twice a month after that.
PS: This is 1 repair mask that can be used for detangling and is guaranteed to stop shedding in it’s tracks!

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