Sterovit 15ml (Multivitamines)

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  • Sterovit Sirop is a vitamin and is used as a supplement in addition to a balanced and healthy diet
  • This product is over the counter
  • The bottle contains 15 ml


Available to order

Dial*911*22*103845# then enter to order from your phone

Sterovit is a multivitamin that supplements a balanced and healthy diet.

Once you place an order, the call center representative shall reach out to confirm the order and to ask you if you would like to talk to a pharmacist before confirming the order.


  • For children 1 teaspoon (5ml) a day
  • For adults 2 teaspoons a day.
  • NB: Not suitable for children under 3 years.


  • Sterovit contains Water, sugar, stabilizer, Vitamin C, Flavour, Vitamin B3, emulsifier 80, preservatif, and other excipients

For more information please read the leaflet or check with a doctor/pharmacies

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