PrimaTime Ovulation Test(5 Tests)

15,000 RWF

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  • Prima Tima is a rapid test that helps women know their most fertile days
  • This product is over the counter.
  • Content: This product contains 5 test kits.


Available to order

Dial*911*22*6813# then enter to order from your phone

It is a rapid test that helps detect the “ LH ” level which precedes ovulation by 24 to 48 hours. It is useful to identify the fertile days in order to have more chance to get pregnant.

Once you place an order, the call center representative shall reach out to confirm the order and to ask you if you would like to talk to a pharmacist before confirming the order.


  • 5 test cards, 5 test droppers and 5 cups.

For more information please read the leaflet or check with your doctor/pharmacist

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