Oraquick HIV Self Test

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About the product:

  1. OraQuick is approved for use by RBC/MOH
  2. OraQuick has the same reliability as any other HIV screening test (such as standard rapid finger-prick HIV tests performed at clinics), and like any other screening test it requires follow-up confirmatory testing for a positive result.
  3. For further guidance or if someone needs follow up from medical experts, you can call RBC free toll, 114
  4. Link to OraQuick info (http://www.oraquick.com/faqs) for further clarifications


Available to order

Dial*911*22*35041# then enter to order from your phone

How to use an OraQuick HIV Test:

The Pouch contains:Test kit,test stand and instruction for use.

Step 1:Your test kit contains two pouches,tear open the pouch  containing the tube.

Step 2:Remove the cap

Step 3:Do not pour out the liquid,Do not drink

Step 4: Slide the tube into the stand.

Step 5:Tear Open pouch containing the test device and remove,Do not touch the flat pad with your fingers.

Do not eat or Swallow the preservative.

Step 6: Press the Pad Firmly against your gum and swab it along your upper gum once and your lower gum once.

Step 7: Put the Flat pad all the way into the tube until it touches the bottom.

Step 8: Leave It There for 20 Minutes before reading the results.Do not read the results after 40 minutes.

How to Read Results:

HIV POSITIVE: Two Lines,even if the line is faint,means you may be HIV POSITIVE,and you need to seek additional testing.

HIV NEGATIVE: One line next to the “C” and no line to the “T” your result is HIV NEGATIVE.

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