Oligocare 30 Tablets

12,800 RWF

  • Oligocare is indicated in the treatment of male infertility.
  • Oligocare provides carefully balanced micronutrients and vitamins.
  • Lycopene improves sperm concentration and motility.
  • L- Carnitine plays important role in the formation of sperm.
  • Glutathione shows positive effect on sperm morphology.
  • Antioxidant helps to reduce oxidative stress.
  • Pack contains 30 tablets

As directed by the physcian. Tablets for oral administration.

For more information: http://www.meyer.co.in/products/oligocare.html

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Oligocare provides a unique combination of essential micronutrients and vitamins, to help support male fertility.

Specifically, Oligocare helps:

  • Prevent spermatozoa from oxidative damage
  • Improve sperm maturation
  • Improve sperm motility and quality
  • Enhance chances of pregnancy


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