Women’s Kit- 4 Products

    Always Maxi Thick Long 7Pads

    About the Product

    • Up to 8 Hours Leakage Protection
    • Soft Cotton-like Feeling 
    • Long Flexi Wings to Help the Pad Stay in Place
    • Deep All-around Barriers to Prevent Leakage

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    Vaseline Cocoa Glow Intensive Care Body Lotion - 400mL

    Vaseline intensive care cocoa glow leaves your skin deeply moisturized and feeling healthy, soft, and glowing.

    HC Panty Liners Pack of 25Pieces

    About the Product

    • For Daily Use
    • Gives Complete Comfort & Confidence
    • Maintains Freshness & Skin Tenderness
    • 100% Natural Cotton Absorbent & Leak Proof Surface
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    OE Hair Removal Cream For Normal Skin

    Please Read All Instructions Before Using It:

    • Intended for use on legs, underarms and bikini area. May not be used on face, chest and intimates areas. Do not use on moles or on spotty, broken irritated, altered or sunburned skin or skin that has previously reacted to depilatory creams.
    • OE Haire removal Cream is quick and easy to use and it really works. Its velvety texture safely leaves your skin looking neat and feeling soft.
    • Apply small amounts of cream on skin to be treated. Skin must  clear and dry
    • Spread the product evenly and thick enough to completely cover hair. Let the product work for 4(soft hair) to 8(strong hair) minutes according to hair types.
    • Remove the hair removal cream with spatula and thouroughly rinse the skin under clear running water
    • Always wait 24 hours before using soap, anti-perspirant , perfume or astringent lotion
    • 24 hours before use, test your skin's reactions on a small part of the area that you want to treat according to instructions.
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