Nivea Men Deodorant 50Ml

2,500 RWF

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Nivea Men Anti-perspirant Roll-On Dry Impact 50ml with DryPlus and Nivea Men Care Complex offers advanced 48-hour protection against perspiration while still being gentle on your underarm skin.

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Dial*911*22*14948# then enter to order from your phone

NIVEA MEN Dry Impact Deodorant with minerals provides 48-hour protection against underarm wetness giving you that dry skin feeling while also caring for your skin.

It’s the perfect combination of NIVEA‘s mild care and reliable protection

  • Dry skin feeling, masculine scent48h confidence
  • Anti-perpirant protection and gentle NIVEA care

Usage: Roll on evenly and allow to dry before getting dressed. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin

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