O.B Original Super Tampons 16 Pieces

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  • 16 Super Tampons for Light to Moderate Flow
  • With Fluid-Lock Grooves for Locked-in Leak Protection
  • SilkTouch Cover for Ultimate Comfort
  • Soft, Classic Feel

For enhanced protection you that can trust, look no further than the Original Super Tampons from the tried and trusted O.B® line. With their Super tampons, the company draws from over 50 years experience to give you a series of top-of-the-line super-absorbent tampons for the ultimate in leak protection.

The super-absorbent Super tampons come integrated with Fluid-Lock curved grooves that seal tight and expand uniformly on all sides, to provide 360° leak protection you can bank on even on your most active days.

Made from a smooth, non-woven polyester/polyethylene material, and featuring O.B® super smooth SilkTouch coating, the tampons retain that famed soft classic feel, keeping you dry and comfy all day long.

For when you are on the move, the dainty design of the packaging will come in handy, as you can easily stash the box away in your bag, carry on, or other small spaces, ensuring that you’ve always got protection with you.

With the inch-perfect fit of these applicator-free tampons, and their 9-12g absorbency rating, you can rest assured that you will get through your even your worst heavy flow days completely unscathed.

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