Topicrem Ultra-Mosturizing Body Milk 500ml

15,000 RWF

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TOPICREM Ultra Moisturizing Body is an unctuous emulsion, enriched with moisturizing (urea 2%, glycerin 10%), protector and nourishing agents, ULTRA-MOISTURIZING BODY MILK provides 24 hour protection and eliminates all signs of dry skin. It is immediately absorbed, with no greasy feeling. Particularly suitable for dry and/or dehydrated skin (by cold, by sun), as well as children’s fragile skin.


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Topicrem ultra moisturizing body milk offers you 24-hour protection while eliminating any signs of dry skin. It is made of moisturizing (urea 2%, glycerin10%), protector and nourishing agents. This body milk is recommended for dry skin, dehydrated skin and also for babies. Order online today from Kasha and get delivery to your doorstep,your number one online store in Rwanda.
• Suitable for babies and adults
• Offers 24-hour hydration
• Penetrates instantly
• Good for dry and sensitive skin

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