Zerufi SandalWood Moringa&Turmeric Face Mask

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  • All natural: no additives, artificial preservatives, faux colors, stabilizers or synthetic fragrances
  • With sandalwood, moringa, and turmeric extracts
  • Detailed directions for use on the packaging
  • Slight redness of the skin is normal and will disappear in about 30 minutes
  • 50g


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The use of sandalwood, for thorough face cleansing, dates back a thousand years to use in Egypt, India, as well as in other regions of the world.

With this face mask, Zerufi revives this age-old skin cleansing agent and infuses the formula with moringa and turmeric extract to create an effective all-natural solution that instantly rids your face of dark spots, leaving you with smooth, glowing skin.

Thanks to this powerful mix of antioxidants, Zerufi Sandalwood Moringa & Turmeric Face Mask is also a potent formula for combating acne, as it strips away dead skin cells, and cleans congested pores, bringing your skin back to full health and boosting its natural shield against new acne formation.

Its all-natural formulation ensures that the additive-free face mask is gentle on the skin and does not strip it of its essential moisture, oils, and nutrients that keep the skin supple and acts as its last line of defense against irritants.

How to Use: The sandalwood Moringa & turmeric face mask is to be used twice a week. You can mix with honey or yogurt. Waterworks as well if you don’t have access to honey or yogurt. Mix about half a teaspoon of the mask powder with the honey to form a smooth paste which should be applied on a cleansed face and left on for about 20 minutes. Rinse off with clean water. You can then wipe it off with a dedicated face towel since the mask can stain. Moisturize your face with your fave moisturizer and Enjoy the glow on your face.

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