Zerufi Organics Liwa (Sandalwood) Soap 100g

3,000 RWF

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About the product:

  • With Shea butter,cocoa butter,vegetable oil,Vitamin oil,infused with sandalwood powder,rosehip,apple,hibiscus.
  • Moisturizing,anti aging,reduces acne scars & controls oil,evens out skin tone for glowing skin.


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When it comes to easing dry and sensitive skin, few essential oils can beat the gentle calming and healing effects of Liwa Sandal Wood Soap. Add in shea butter and other essential oils and you get as close as you can to the mythical elixir of youth.

Sandalwood powder removes blemishes and warts and exfoliates the skin enhancing skin brightness. This happy bar of soap is infused with hibiscus oil that not only helps with age spots and is an all-round skin refresher leaving you with a smoother looking complexion. Rosehip oil has essential fatty acids and is easily absorbed by the skin allowing the antioxidants to work from the inside -out to hydrate the skin.

The unique combination of mild organic ingredients makes this luxury soap perfect for oil-control and acne prone skin types, as well as for young children and babies. The luxurious creamy lather of this natural cleansing bar has a silky texture that will pamper your skin, soothe your senses, and leave you with a gentle, fragrant aura.

Try out Zerufi Organics Liwa Sandalwood Soap and relax as you enjoy the naturally nourishing oils, as well as the calming fragrance that is sure to encourage a sense of harmony and restore balance into your day.

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