Johnson’s Baby Top-To-Toe Wash 300ml

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  • 100% gentle care from day 1
  • Easy on the eyes for guaranteed comfort
  • pH balanced and hypoallergenic
  • No added parabens, sulfates or dyes
  • 300ml


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A typical baby’s skin is the perfect skin specimen if there ever was one. However, with its delicate beauty comes the hassle – it is at least three times more sensitive than regular adult skin. This is why the new Johnson’s Baby Top-to-toe Wash provides that extra special skin care your baby needs throughout the first days, months and years of life.

The ultra-mild cleanser is formulated especially for your baby’s delicate skin and sensitive eyes. It is a safe baby wash product, milder than a baby soap, and is as gentle on the skin as any mild baby skincare lotion.

The number one choice of hospitals for baby baths and gentle cleansing for sensitive newborn skin from Day 1, use Johnson’s Baby Top-to-toe Wash to preserve and maintain your baby’s natural glow without drying out the skin.

You can use Johnson’s Baby Top-to-toe Wash every time you bath your baby. Wet baby’s hair and body with warm water, apply baby wash with your hand or washcloth, gently lather and rinse. Follow with a gentle massage using a mild moisturizing lotion.

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