Johnson’s Baby Jelly Fragrance Free 250ml

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  • Pure petroleum jelly for thorough hydration
  • Leaves skin soft and glossy
  • Gel-like consistent that doesn’t slip
  • Unscented
  • 250ml


Trusted by moms around the world, with over 100 years of history, this mild baby care petroleum jelly from Johnson and Johnson provides the foremost in protection for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Made from pure, unadulterated petroleum jelly, the soft texture of Johnson’s jelly spreads easily and evenly over your baby’s skin creating a layer of moisture protection that shields the skin and prevents diaper rash and other irritation-induced ailments.

Enriched with healthy nourishing oils, and textured for clinically-tested mildness, the jelly helps to smoothen and soften your baby’s skin, keeping it supple and less prone to being affected by the weather elements.

While Johnson’s baby unscented petroleum jelly helps keep your baby happy, it is also ideal for moms to use with heels, elbows, lips and other skin regions often plagued by dry skin.

The jelly is light and spreads smoothly without sliding or any excess gloss, leaving your baby’s skin leathery smooth and smelling fresh.

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