Listerine Antiseptic Anti-Bacterial Mouthwash 500ml

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  • 500-mL bottle of Listerine Listerine Antiseptic Anti-Bacterial Mouthwash
  • kills 99.9% of bad breath germs with a less intense taste for a fresher and cleaner mouth than brushing alone
  • Protect your mouth and get fresh breath with this less intense
  • Contains sodium benzoate and benzoic acid for a refreshing clean that doesn’t feel overpowering
  • Features a less-intense oral care formula that works to leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed after use
  • With approximately two weeks of supply in this 500 mL bottle, achieve maximum results and fresh breath by rinsing with this mouthwash for 30 seconds twice a day, both morning and night


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Listerine ANTISEPTIC MOUTHWASH is a daily mouthwash with clinically-proven effectiveness. In addition the Mouthwash helps to reduce dental plaque and gingivitis when used twice daily in addition to brushing.

How should Listerine ANTISEPTIC MOUTHWASH be used?

1. Twice daily, after thoroughly brushing your teeth.

2. 20 ml dose, equivalent to 4 teaspoons

3. Rinse around your mouth for 30 seconds

4. Use undiluted and Do not swallow

6. Refrain from eating and drinking for half an hour post rinsing

Kills the germs that cause plaque, gingivitis and bad breath.

Composition per 20 ml: Thymol 12.78mg, alcohol (95% v/v) 5.68 ml. Contains sodium benzoate and benzoic acid. Sugar free

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