Back To School Standard Kit

    This package will come with the following free products:

    • 4 Pens
    • 2 Exercises Notebooks

    Colgate Toothpaste Fluoride Toothpaste 140g

    About the product:

    • Maximum Cavity Protection with Calcium and Fluoride
    • Protection Maximum Anti-Caries
    • Fights against cavities
    • Protects all around teeth surfaces
    • Helps keep teeth cleaner and whiter
    • Great mint taste freshens breath.

    Sante Bathing Bar Soap 75g

    About the product:

    • For the whole family
    • Bathing soap

    BIC Shaving Stick × 2

    Vaseline Blueseal Gentle Protective Baby Jelly 250g

    Vaseline Jelly Baby is gentle and keeps your baby’s skin soft, smooth and protected. The jelly creates a barrier between baby’s skin and wetness and irritants (key causes of diaper rash) and helps speed up the natural recovery of your baby’s skin.

    Ever Sawa Sanitary Pads Mesh Surface - 10Pads × 3

    This item is not available at the moment.

    Chapa Mukwano Washing Bar Soap 600g

    This product is currently unavailable.
    Dial*911*22*30897# then enter to order from your phone
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