Zerufi Organics Avocado So Good Whipped Body Butter 230ml

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  • With organic, unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil, and other essential oils
  • With sustainably produced organic palm kernel oil
  • With organic beeswax base
  • No additives, artificial preservatives, faux colors, stabilizers or synthetic fragrances
  • 230ml

If you are in the market for a body lotion that is gentle on your skin yet tough enough to protect you from the elements, the classic, 100% natural, allergen-free, Zerufi Organics Avocado So Good Whipped Body Butter is just what you need to instantly upgrade your body care regimen.

Expertly blended using only premium natural and vegan ingredients, this buttery smooth lotion nourishes, moisturizes, and restores your skin, leaving you with soft, supple skin and a vibrant natural shine.

As you massage yourself and your little ones with this gentle body butter, the smooth texture spreads evenly for uniform deep-seated moisturization, while the invigorating scent wafts over your body, transforming a daily ritual of self care into an intense spa-like experience.

The uplifting avocado scent combines with the healing properties of pure, unrefined cocoa butter and shea butter  to make this mix the perfect lotion for soothing dry skin after a shower. Also, it has just the right buttery texture for a massage, making it an excellent gift for someone who could use a little pampering.

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