Amara For Men

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  • Intense all-day hydrating formula
  • With Glycerine and Cocoa Butter
  • Masculine fragrance
  • 400ml


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Dial*911*22*18593# then enter to order from your phone

For a simple body care lotion, you can set, forget, and never have to worry about itchy or dry skin, check out Amara For Men.

Amara For Men is a daily moisturizer specially developed to meet the needs of men’s skin and provide long-lasting moisturization. The lotion feels clean and smooth, not greasy like most lotions, and it keeps you feeling fresh and hydrated all day long.

Amara For Men Body Lotion absorbs in seconds with no greasy after-feel, yet it provides all the hydration you need. Just set it and forget it. Typically, at about 15 minutes after application, you can’t feel the lotion on your skin anymore, yet your skin stays moisturized.

Use Amara For Men Body Lotion to boosts the moisture level in your skin and maintain a smooth, supple skin tone free from dryness and irritation.

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