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Laying Foundations for 2019: “Show up. Be brave. Be daring. Be full of light”

January 21, 2019 • veronica

We can be a little unrealistic with goal setting and I find that by the end of January, most of us are already dreading the list we so excitedly screamed at the top of our lungs. It’s easy to set ourselves up for disappointment and overlook the most important piece of our resolutions- laying those key foundations that will make our superwoman agendas flow better. A great starting place is prioritizing our mind, bodies and spirits- the vehicles which help us realise our dreams and goals and the fabrics from which relationships are built and new ideas can develop.

The goal is to make each year better than the one before. Less stressful, yet with more fulfilling accomplishments. So how can we achieve what sounds so simple? I find, the goals you’ve set aren’t hard to accomplish, but the challenge is often ensuring your peace of mind remains protected as you get through the day to day to-do-lists. It’s important to take time to think of how you can set yourself up for success by tending to wellness when faced with the daily anxieties of life. Maybe it’s picking up the phone to call a friend, or maybe it’s a readily available playlist that can help you get through a disappointing experience at work and ultimately get you feeling good enough to handle your business. In this article, I share why at the center of setting goals for this new year should be the importance of tending to our mind, bodies and spirit.

Let 2019 be the year that you show your body  the gratitude it deserves for getting you through the day including those moments of failure and disappointment which are in many cases when we tend to practice the least amount of self-care. This year, we’re loving our bodies unconditionally and recognising that setting ourselves up for success will only be enhanced by our dedication to caring and nurturing our bodies today. Could this look like less caffeine everyday and more greens in your daily serving? Maybe this is the time to cue in a new workout regime so you can lean into loving your body a little more and of course, releasing some more feel-good endorphins! This could also be the perfect time to REALLY start caring for your skin as a more intentional part of your of self-care. You know I gotchu on this- here’s a wide range of product faves to restore damaged skin, give that revitalized feeling every morning or simply nourish your skin with natural goodness.

Think of ways to define your morning and evening by setting routines which can include practices that feed your spiritual growth. In her evening routine, Oprah shares that she dedicates 15 minutes to gratitude journaling- listing 5 things she’s grateful for throughout the day! Studies shows that gratitude makes us healthier improving our state of mind and ultimately shaping our behavior and beliefs to reflect an attitude of appreciation for even the smallest things. Setting routines can help you manage your stress levels, give you more time to relax and organise your time so that you’re never running on empty because you’ve got a little self care time everyday to spare for yourself. These are some simple ways to help you take control of your day and get you in the right mindset and prepared for any surprises your day might bring.

Wishing you a Happy New Year loves and as we march into what will be a great year remind yourself everyday that showing up is most of the work and the rest is the easy part! All you have to do is show up.

“Show up. Be brave. Be daring. Be full of light. Be honest. Be open. Be human. Make mistakes. Make love. Make friends. Make amends. Make due. Make yourself happy. Make a difference. Show up.” Alex Elle


Caring for you always,



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