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Is Valentine’s day just for lovers?

February 14, 2018 • Constance Uwase


Every year on the 14th February the world celebrates the lovers day with an exchange of gifts,flowers,chocolates,teddy bears and so much more as a gesture of caring from a loved one…referring  to them as St.Valentine!!!!


Let’s get back a bit into history,Yeah Let’s dig into these archives (pff pff dusting off)

To start with


According to History.com Valentine’s day is an old tradition thought to have originated from a Roman Festival known as Lupercalia.February 15th as a fertility festival dedicated to a Roman god of agriculture.

Boys would draws girls names from a box and these two would be partners during the festival

This pair would always end into marriage.

Speaking of marriage an account from 1400 recognises the Roman priest who was persecuted by emperor who banned marriage for single soldier,but this guy went ahead and secretly got them married to their loved ones.When the emperor found out he was sentenced to death,So in memory of his act of love every year on the 14th february young men and women would lay flowers on his tomb.


Valentine day is an opportunity to celebrate all kinds of relationships including friendship,a better way of seeing Valentines not just as a day of lover, but also a day to celebrate love with your loved ones irrespective of your relationship.

Did you know????You Can Celebrate Friendship just a day before Valentines??

Galentine’s day is a day of celebrating woman friendship on the 13th February,it is basically like Valentine’s but instead of spending your day with your significant other you spend it with you girlfriends,pampering each other,Mention a better way to practice selflove and selfcare,I’ll wait…Yes Ladies SELFLOVE & SELFCARE is the key!

Question remains is Valentines celebrated same ways in all countries?

In Rwanda just  like so many other countries Valentines is a day of lovers but to make it special on that day couples from different parts of the country are dressed in Black and Red,because the two colours are symbolized as love colours. But also it depends on the day it falls on,if it is in the weekend is it so celebrated because there are a lot of activities going on,but  in weekdays there’s no hype.

Valentine”s day fun fact:

Other reasons Woman Rock Red on Valentines:

  1. It boosts your confidence and energy.
  2. For the singles you are more likely to get lucky…WINK WINK!
  3. It’s the best stain catching dress colour for Valentines food

No Matter how you choose to celebrate the key is Love yourself so you can easily spread the love onto others.

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