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Choose a condom, save yourself!

February 14, 2019 • veronica

Dear Ladies,

First, I have two quick questions for you:

  1. Can you tell if someone has STI’s by just looking at them? The answer is no–don’t play this game.
  1. Do you know that not every pregnancy is intended? I hope you do! If it is true that for some it is a pleasant surprise, for others it represents the beginning of a vicious cycle that  will set the parents behind and specifically the mother.

A simple solution to these questions?

Simply use a condom!

Since 2009 February 13th is International Day of the condom: a day to raise awareness on the importance of condoms in the prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Ladies, the truth is that condoms are an indication that someone cares for their health and their partners. Besides, condoms are low-cost and can be easily carried around – in a wallet, purse, or kept at home. Additionally, they provide peace of mind to partners who would rather focus on the pleasure… They are made in various innovative ways to suit a wide range of people. In terms of selection, there are so many options from exotic flavors, to a variety of colours to ultra-thin textures and condoms allow you to make the moments with your partner special and safe.

Unfortunately, some people think that it’s okay to not use a condom. The argument often times  used is“just this once” since a one-time thing wouldn’t do much harm, would it? According to 2017 Durex Global Sex Survey, in 36 countries observed, 54% of people have risked unprotected sex at some point of their lives and from 2011 to 2017 the use of condoms had decreased by 7%. Realistically speaking, having unsafe sex even once can have a negative health impact on someone’s life and in the case of HIV/AIDS for the rest of their life. So why take the gamble?

Along the same line, some people may think that just because they use contraceptive pills they practice safe sex which is untrue. They can still get STI’s. A condom is the only contraceptive method that protects against STIs and pregnancy. For others, they uniquely rely on the withdraw method and see it as a magical trick: “Hakuna matata!”  However, knowledge is power and the reality is that pre-ejaculation fluids may be infectious and contain sperm hence resulting in pregnancy. This is what makes this method not efficient. Some people may also believe that the condoms can make them less sensitive. The truth? Condoms don’t have to spoil the moment. As said earlier, there are different options to suit everyone.

To conclude it is better to stay safe than be sorry. Life is too precious to leave it to chance. Use a condom and save yourself from trouble and be at peace.

Caring For You,


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