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10 Sheroes That Rocked Our Year

December 29, 2017 • Rita Umuliza

At Kasha, we’re huge supporters of women whose brands or careers are pushing the limits of women’s achievement everyday. This year, we’ve seen this happen not only with our own brand but also with countless other women around the globe. These women—the movers and shakers—are our every-day Sheroes!

Here are the 10 who’ve impressed us the most:

1. Tegla Loroupe is a three-time world half-marathon champion and the first African woman to win the New York marathon twice. She’s also the founder of the Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation which is an international humanitarian charity.

2. Gwyne Shotwell: Gywne  is a mechanical engineer and President & COO at the disruptive space company Space X. The company she leads is the only commercial space agency to have successfully carried out two cargo resupply missions to astronauts aboard the space station for NASA.

3. Masako Wakamiya: At 82 years old, Masako is one of the oldest people to have created a smartphone app. What makes her unique is that her app development journey began at a late stage in her life. She is an inspiration not just to the people her age but also to the younger generation. She reminds us that we’re never too old to learn something new.

4. Catherine Njane: Catherine is the founder of Zerufi Organics which produces natural skin and hair products in Rwanda. Her company which was established in 2017 is quickly becoming a leader in its field and continues to advocate against the use of artificial creams which are made using harmful chemicals.

5. Pearl Umuhoza: Pearl is the CEO and Founder of healthy-eating business Yummny N Fresh. Her company provides healthy meals that include salads, sandwiches and smoothies and delivers to your door step. Her company won the 2017 BKUrumuri interest-free financing Initiative.

6.Ethel is a Ghanaian IT professional, entrepreneur and the founder of Women in Tech Africa, the largest women in tech group with members in 30 African countries.

7. Dominique U. Alonga: Dominique  is the founder of Imagine We, an organization that aims to improve literature in Rwanda by making books easily accessible to the public. This year, her organization published an illustrated children’s book ‘Simbi’ as well as the novella ‘Mahoro’.

8. Ire Aderinokun: Ire is Nigeria’s first female Google Developer Expert and author of a web development blog called bits of code. Her blog articles explore web development best principles as well as new design concepts for the web.

9. Chimamanda Adichie Author of award-winning novels and short-stories, Chimamanda is an acclaimed writer and an unapologetic feminist. She’s credited for being one of the leading African writers that are bringing a fresh voice to African literature.

10. Bozoma Saint John Bozoma is the Chief Brand Officer at Uber and assumed the position after serving as head of global consumer marketing for iTunes and Apple Music. Buzzfeed considers her the “coolest” person to ever take the stage at an Apple keynote.

Which Sheroes rocked your world in 2017?

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